New agreement secures Monitio users access to extensive UK media content

Users of Monitio now also get access to an extensive range of 1400 online newspapers and magazine titles fra the UK in English. A service that no other MMO in Portugal and Spain can offer their clients today.

Monitio has signed a new agreement with leading UK company NLA media access a publisher-owned rights licensing and publisher services business with a core aim of supporting journalism. NLA media access adds new titles to the licensed repertoire regularly.

UK content supports Monitio fact-checking tool

The new NLA content in Monitio also is very important for further development of Monitio’s tools for assisted fact-checking, which is one of the new key feature.Monitio is the first media monitoring to offer assisted fact-checking. The research and development of fact-checking are jointly developed with University of Cambridge and Professor Andreas Vlachos the scientific front-runner in the field of fact-checking and part of the Monitio team.

Join the Monitio User Day in May and learn more about how you can benefit from this new tool, the new UK media content and the assisted fact-checking