Monitio at leading conference on Machine Translation
June 1, 2022

If you look inside Monitio’s engine, you discover it’s powered by today’s most advanced AI tools. One of these tools is called Machine Translation.

This technology makes it possible to automatic translate a text, for example an article, into several languages. Or to translate articles from several languages into a given language, such as English.
In Monitio you can choose to have articles from media in different languages translated into English.

Monitio Global News Translation

Machine Translation is the AI technology behind the Monitio key-feature Global News Translation. The evolution of AI tools gives an opportunity to reinvent media monitoring. And the people behind Monitio have done just that. By creating the first real-time multilingual media monitoring platform powered by AI.

Monitio at EAMT

At the leading European conference for machine translation, EAMT, Priberam presented the poster “Monitio - Large Scale MT for Multilingual Media Monitoring".

At the EAMT conference companies and machine translation experts gather to share knowledge and get the newest insights. The conference takes place in Ghent, Belgium from June 1-3.

Insights beyond human scale

Monitio is a real-time multilingual media monitoring platform which delivers actionable insights beyond human scale and capabilities. The platform continuously ingests a massive number of multilingual data sources. The data are automatically translated, filtered, and categorized to generate intelligence reports specially geared towards the needs of media monitoring professionals.

Monitio supports diversity

By monitoring information across multiple languages and presenting it in one platform, Monitio supports knowledge diversity across geographies and cultures making it easier to access different points of view. Especially in Europe, this is very useful due to our 24 different languages.

By integrating machine translation, Monitio enables the monitoring of sources in languages the human analyst is not fluent in, providing a truly global view of the events not culturally, geographically, or politically biased for lack of access to a broader set of sources.

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