Monitio show-cased as a powerful AI-tool for the Newsroom

What’s the latest in the AI-driven newsroom? What’s new when it comes to the production of state-of-the-art multilingual content? Those and many more questions were answered at the first SELMA User Day, hosted by Deutsche Welle (DW) in Germany on October 12th.

DW is a partner in Monitio, among Germany’s leading international broadcasters and one of the most successful international media outlets with the creation of journalistic content in 32 languages. The event gave insights into the latest advances in language technology, and how it’s applied in the field of journalism and media production with hands-on AI tools that can be used in the Newsroom.

The hybrid event (also with a live stream and remote attendants) brought together professionals from media organizations across Europe, including the BBC, ARTE, Lusa, and Monitio-partner Priberam.

Monitio a powerful tool in the Newsroom
One of the powerful AI tools showcased at DW’s SELMA User Day was Monitio presented by Priberam’s expert Sebastião Miranda. Monitio currently crawls and analyzes up to 200,000 international news articles daily, including feed from DW in 30+ languages. An important aim is to support better decision-making by providing the “big picture” in the news flow. Another special and recent feature of Monitio is the display of diverse data for public figures (e.g. politicians) – based on information from Wikidata

Get more insights into Monitio
So, if you wonder if Monitio can be used in your daily worklife. How you can get insights on, what has been in the news lately around the world? You might want to check out this Monitio sessions video from the first SELMA User Day where Sebastião Miranda from Priberam explains the details:
Monitio show-case video.

A second DW SELMA User Day with a presentation of Monitio is coming up in 2023.