Monitio launch at User Day in Madrid

On May 17th Monitio is launched at the Monitio User Day Event in Madrid.
The Monitio User Day is a full-day meeting with a focus on AI-powered language technologies for media intelligence such as media monitoring, translation, and video adaptation. Monitio also includes fact-checking through AI-technologies.

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Monitio monitors media from across the world in near real-time and translates the content from the original languages into English. This is the first solution on the market to give access to multilingual content and real-time translation. Also, Monitio integrates assisted fact-checking tools never seen before in the market of media monitoring.

Monitio automatically structures thousands of articles into thematic clusters, so users get an overview on how media content relates to specific topics, persons, companies, etc. Users can get deeper insights into their industry, markets, and competitors. As a first step Monitio is launched in Spain and Portugal.

Passion to disrupt media monitoring and fight misinformation
“We are passionate to challenge and change the status quo of media monitoring by taking a disruptive media monitoring platform to the market. Monitio combines artificial intelligence (AI) and linguistic technologies to deliver better and more trustworthy insights and reports. Additionally, Monitio includes a fact-checking tool to fight misinformation. It’s our goal to help fight fake news since the number of false claims in current news, events or about high-profile individuals online is growing every day. Through AI-technology we offer Monitio’s users access to broader and less biased local and global insights,” says CEO Carlos Amaral from Priberam, the leading Portuguese tech-company behind Monitio.

Monitio’s assisted fact-checking gives a stronger hand to crosscheck the credibility of news and claims in traditional and social media. This technology was jointly developed with the University of Cambridge and Professor Andreas Vlachos who is a scientific front-runner in the field of fact-checking.

Monitio developed with leading organizations across Europe
Throughout the past two years Monito has been used and further developed in corporation with a small group of selected leading clients across Europe to get Monitio ready for a broader market launch. Iscte MediaLab has been using Monitio since 2021 and will present their use case at the Monitio User Day in Madrid on May 17th:

“One of the most powerful features of the Monitio platform, which distinguishes it from the competition, is the automatic structuring of thousands of articles into thematic clusters, with a high degree of reliability and easily identifiable in an excellent treemap view,” says CEO Décio Telo, Iscte’s MediaLab

Monitio supported by EU funding

Monitio has received EU funding for development of the core technologies and readiness for commercial launch. In the past two years the disruptive media monitoring tool has been developed and tested through a pan-European collaboration between the tech-company Priberam, the public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, the University of Cambridge and the PR-agency Scandinavian Communications.

The four organizations complement each other and cover all the activities needed to ensure not only the successful development of an innovative platform beyond the state-of-the-art but also its effective exploitation in different European markets.

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