Experts show how Monitio creates storylines from global news
May 23, 2022

One of the new groundbreaking technologies behind the next generation of media monitoring driving Monitio is so-called Multilingual News Clustering. If you like to follow news stories in real-time across the globe. This is a feature you should get your hands on. It's named Storylines in the Monitio dashboard.

In the last few decades, the amount of news sources available has just sky-rocked making it really difficult to follow news stories in real-time manually. As such demand has arisen for a systems that are capable of monitoring and organizing articles into news storylines.

The task of organizing and clustering news articles in several languages for media monitoring is essential to follow storylines from news in real-time. Most approaches to this task focus on high-resource languages - mostly English - with low-resource languages being disregarded. With that in mind, Monitio presents a much simpler online system. Monitio can cluster an incoming stream of news articles or other documents without depending on language-specific features.

Monitio presents at an international workshop

The news clustering technology that powers Monitio's Storylines is state-of-the-art with very high-performance results compared to similar technologies in the market. For the same reason, Monitio was invited to speak at the international workshop Text2Story this spring. The workshop was held in Norway as part of the European Conference on Information Retrieval from April 10-14.

At the workshop, Monitio experts showed how Monitio creates real-time storylines from the global news feed using Multilingual News Clustering.

João Santos, presented the paper “Simplifying News Clustering Through Projection from a Shared Multilingual Space” with Monitio experts Afonso Mendes and Sebastião Miranda.

Global news storylines in real-time

In Monitio you can create a tailored storyline view for global media monitoring - all articles presented in English. Translated in real-time from the original source of language. Your storyline gives an easy overview of popular news topics such as sports, politics, business, art, culture and much more. All this is possible with Monitio's Multilingual News Clustering witch categorizes and segments large amounts of raw data streams from media around the world using the newest AI technology.

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