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Monitio launch at User Day in Madrid

On May 17th Monitio is launched at the Monitio User Day Event in Madrid. The Monitio User Day is a full-day meeting with a focus on AI-powered language technologies for media intelligence such as media monitoring, translation, and video adaptation. Monitio also includes fact-checking through AI-technologies. Reserve your FREE spot now including lunch at Eventbrite. […]

Monitio at leading conference on Machine Translation

If you look inside Monitio’s engine, you discover it’s powered by today’s most advanced AI tools. One of these tools is called Machine Translation. This technology makes it possible to automatic translate a text, for example an article, into several languages. Or to translate articles from several languages into a given language, such as English. […]

Monitio show-cased as a powerful AI-tool for the Newsroom

What’s the latest in the AI-driven newsroom? What’s new when it comes to the production of state-of-the-art multilingual content? Those and many more questions were answered at the first SELMA User Day, hosted by Deutsche Welle (DW) in Germany on October 12th. DW is a partner in Monitio, among Germany’s leading international broadcasters and one […]