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About Monitio

Monitio is passionate to challenge and change the status quo of media monitoring by taking a true AI tool to the market for companies that are looking to upscale their business.

Monitio combines Artificial Intelligence and Linguistic technology to deliver better insights, reporting and translation. Additional Monitio work to include fact-checking tools in near future developed in scientific cooperation with University of Cambridge.

Together we work to fight fake news and give our clients a broader and less biased local and global perspective.

7 reasons behind our passion

Going beyond human scale

Make sense out of a world of scattered information, sometimes unreliable, democratizing access to knowledge. All companies that aim to scale can access the same granularity and certainty level of information as a large company.

Monitio gathers, discovers, analyses, aggregates and simplifies the data thus making possible the job of the Media Monitor professional at a global scale.

Democratizing access to data, knowledge and insights

Monitio is democratizing access to data, knowledge and insights.

We aim to make media monitoring accessible to all companies and organisations with the purpose of freedom and equality in access to media monitoring.

Fighting fake news

In cooperation with University of Cambridge, we work to take Monitio technology even further in the near future by developing tools for fact-checking.

We are passionate about empowering people with a broader and less biased perspective to make informed decisions with a scientific and technology-driven tool to fight fake news.

Supporting multilingual diversity

Relevant news is produced from all over the world and in multiple languages, preventing analysis without multilingual monitoring teams.

Monition helps integrate knowledge across cultures, races, genders and languages.

Opening of an opaque market

Make media monitoring accessible to any organization without language barriers independently of their industry or dimension.

Monitio is a tool with an easy self-boarding option and a transparent price structure.

Give the power back to the client

Empower people and organizations to make better and more sustainable decisions.

Creating a tool that communicates and understands the needs of the end-user.

Fighting irrelevant content and information overflow

Classic keyword-based methods fail to capture the true semantic meaning of text and end up matching irrelevant content or missing important information, thus overloading human analysts.

Monitio fights irrelevant content and information overflow.
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