Monitio helps you keep track of the world – with translations of relevant articles and news into your preferred languages. Just create your tailored dashboard view and preferred keywords for media monitoring. Monitio takes care of the rest – gathering media content and translating it into your preferred languages for local and international insights and reporting.

Get ahead with deeper insights into your industry, markets and competitors. Monitio is powered by market-leading AI and Linguistic technology for stronger media monitoring. Take critical business decisions based on more solid insights with an easy to grasp overview over the scattered and ever-changing landscape of global and local news and information.

Quickly set-up automatic reports and alerts from Monitio. Or tailor your branded PR media clipping reports and newsletters using Monitio’s templates to report on news from your market or industry. Create PR media clipping reports in original language – or translated.

Monitio is currently tracking thousands of sources, from Newspapers to Blogs and Social Media. We thoroughly selected the main Media Sources from each country in order to keep you up with the latest, most relevant news.

Monitio gathers articles from a multitude of sources, countries and languages. We automatically translate them to your predefined languages independently of the source language.

Most Media Monitoring Companies depend on consultants to provide you their service. Monitio takes out this middle agent so that you can be fully independent. Our service has the latest AI technology and is able to recognize entities and sort connections between them. Monitio also gives automatic summaries of any article. This makes you save time and get deeper into any subject.